I’ve had my eye on the Co-Q10 supplements for awhile now, as well as being an excellent heart and blood pressure support, they are also renowned for energy production and migraine relief – which are two issues I need help for. Coenzyme Q10 creates ATP in the body which in turn creates energy, it also produces protein and is an powerful anti-aging antioxidant. You can absorb small amounts of Co-Q10 from oily fish and liver, but obviously to get the big bang, you should go for a supplement. There are reliable studies that say this vitamin takes a month to work, and over the long term there is a definite reduction for migraine sufferers.

Go Healthy Go Co-Q10 300 mg plus Vitamin D is the vitamin that I’ve been trialing for the last month and here’s what I thought…As far as energy production goes, I can definitely notice a difference as far as my daily stamina goes, I’m able to just carry on as normal if I need to attend an event after a long work day, whereas, before I was pretty much exhausted after work and crawling home. I also like the added Vitamin D, as well as being an extra support for the heart, its great for the winter blues and bone strength. The research behind the anti-aging support of cells as we age also really interests me – as we age the natural resource of Co-Q10 drops and needs to be topped up to keep us vital and happy.

As an interesting side note there are a number of medications that deplete the body of precious Co-Q10; these include beta-blockers, thiazide diuretics and statins – talk to your Doctor to see how Co-Q10 can help you.

Go Healthy Go Co-Q10 300 mg plus Vitamin D RRP $27.90.