NZ Made GO Healthy have recently launched their brilliant GO Superfood range which consists of fourteen powdered organic superfood blends that are perfect for incorporating into our busy lives, staying on top of the game and healthy and happy. The team at GO Healthy have developed high-level nutritional powders that are bursting with vitamins and minerals that makes it super easy to work them into a busy day without the need for handfuls of capsules.

These tubs of goodness also have multiple uses, sprinkle on cereals, make your own pesto or hummus, or just go traditional and pop a teaspoon in a smoothie or in a glass of water. Below is a quick run-through of what these powders can do for you –

Acai Powder Organic – Boost Immune System

Barley Grass Powder Organic – Deeply Alkalizes a over Acidic system

Beetroot Powder Organic – Energizes and keeps you vibrant

Cacao Powder Organic – A powerhouse of antioxidants

Camu Camu Powder Organic – Super-charged vitamin C for immunity and skin

Chia Seeds Organic – For Good Gut Health

Chlorella Organic – To cleanse and alkalize

Coconut Water Powder Organic – For hydration

Kale Powder Organic – Super charge with essential nutrients

Maca – To Regulate Stress and lift libido

Maqui Berry Powder Organic – Boost your immunity

Spirulina Blue Organic – Sustains Energy Levels & protects immunity

Spirulina Green – Vitamins and Mineral Boost

Available from major pharmacies and health food stores from $11.90 – $64.90.