I love it when a vitamin, mineral or supplement is offered in a powder (I really don’t like taking tablets) so was quite happy with a tub of Blackmores Recharge Liver Detox Plus Superfoods, arrived on my desk. This supplement powder is designed to be used post-party season – too much rich food, alcohol, not enough sleep, you get the picture!

On the little information card that arrived with the product outlined their Silly Season Recovery Tips РGo for a swim, Sleep, Hydrate, Walking and take a sauna, whilst adding in a glass of Recharge Liver Detox every day. The detox gently works by supporting the liver function and health, detoxification, as a digestive aid, supporting energy and is packed with antioxidants like Globe Artichokes, Milk Thistle, Green tea, selenium, taurine, broccoli sprouts and vitamins B1,B2,B3 and B5. Recharge Liver Detox has a pleasant citrus taste when mixed with a glass of water, so it was a nice change from having a glass of water to wash my regular vitamins down with in the morning. Available from supermarkets, pharmacies and heathfood shops for $24.99.