I have a weird little story to tell you before I launch into how much I love Berocca’s new Fizzy Melts. I was in Australia at Easter and on my first day I found Berocca Twist & Go and their Fizzy Melts in the supermarket. I stocked up and decided I couldn’t live without the Melts especially and then arrived home to a press kit on my desk containing the Fizzy Melts! Please Berocca, we need the Twist & Go in NZ soon! (an ingenious bottle of water, you twist the lid to take off and a Berocca falls into the water) perfect for shopping trips when your energy is lagging!

These are ideal for busy people on the run (me) and are smaller than the traditional Berocca, and you can take 2 a day. They also contain NO artificial sweetener, which is a massive plus for me. They melt on your tongue and are a fun and quick way to get your vitamins b, c, magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. I’ve been taking 2 a day since Easter and they are certainly making a difference to my mental sharpness and daily reverses of energy.

Berocca Fizzy Melts are available now from supermarkets and pharmacies, a pack of 14 for $9.99. Choose from Orange Fresh and Berry Burst.