I’ve been a little late in writing a piece about Go Healthy’s winter immunity vitamins, but wanted to wait till I actually came down with a cold to see how quickly one of their offerings in particular worked to halt or slow down a cold’s progress. The last three days have been FREEZING in Auckland and lo and behold I came down with the sniffles right on cue. When I get a cold it usually lasts ages and gets bad quick, so I reached for Go Healthy’s Go Vir-Defence which I’ve been on for three days now – one tablet twice a day.

Go Vir-Defence is a medium sized capsule which even me (who hates swallowing pills) found it easy to swallow. This supplement is a high potency blend of the five key ingredients that are brilliant for fighting off colds – Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Vitamin C, Garlic and Zinc. Since I’ve been taking these I can honestly say that they have stopped this cold from progressing to anything worse and backtracking on my symptoms. My earache and headaches are nearly gone and my nose has stopped being blocked. So impressed!

Go Healthy also have another great bug-fighter – Go Immune Protect – (whichI’ll start on when my Vir-Defence is finished) designed strengthen the immune system, plus lessen the impact of colds and flus. This blend contains probiotics and can be taken by children plus expectant Mother’s.

Go Vir-Defense $29.90-$48.90

Go Immune Product $29.90-$48.90