I was very excited when GO Healthy’s Lypo-C Vitamin C was released recently, I have a friend who uses a more expensive brand of LypoSpheric C (and she gave me a sachet to try) it was definitely more than my budget allowed and was very hard to stomach. GO Healthy’s version is half the price of a monthly supply and is incased in a handy capsule, instead of the traditional Lypo-Spheric C which is┬ásuspended in oil (which can be a little hard to swallow)

Lypo-C is called the ‘Rock Star’ of Vitamin C due to its more-concentrated, serum like qualities and allows the body to absorb the Vitamin C quicker and send it directly to the cells and bloodstream. I cut the capsule open as I wanted to see how GO Healthy have designed this usual suspension in oil vitamin. You can see the pale orange Vitamin C which is sort of in a paste form, and the oil surrounding it.

Lypo-C is brilliant for the obvious ills and chills but as well as speeding up wound and bruise healing, is a great supplement for the heart and liver and for Smokers – smoking depletes this essential vitamin from the body which in turn depletes precious collagen from the skin.

GO Healthy Go Lypo-C Vitamin C is available now in two sizes – 60 capsules for $29.90 and 12o capsules for $49.90.