I used to be in the habit of taking two Berocca’s a day, finding it really hard to get going in the morning and equally as hard to get out of the after-lunch slump. I had heard whispers of good about Swisse’s basic multi vitamin for ladies and decided to finally give them a whirl. I already suffer from quite a serious vitamin D deficiency and am on prescription D for that, but I knew I needed a good dose of B as well to function during a busy working week, plus juggling running this here, website!

Swisse Women’s Ultivite contains FIFTY (that’s worth caps lock) vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs, its designed especially for ladies’ nutritional needs and to build stamina and keep stress levels to a minimum. Plus just make you feel well and balanced which is the way I feel since starting them. I’m on my second bottle now and I can honestly stay that I’ll be sticking with these for life. The results I’ve noticed – more energy, happier, less grumpy, less stressed, able to work through a day without that dreaded afternoon slump, less colds, less headaches, I feel sharper mentally and I just feel better!

You can get Swisse Women’s Ultivite at your local supermarket or chemist, but I’ve found the best price is often at Health Post here but the NZ recommended retail is normally $34.95.