Hello, my name is Pennie and I am a liquid eye-liner addict. My addiction started young. About 12 or 13 to be precise, which, if you know my age is a long time of road-testing eyeliners. And I’ve tried them all – expensive paint with a brush numbers, every kind of pen you can imagine, even going through a phase of attempting to recreate the cat eye with a very sharp pencil eyeliner.

So imagine my excitement at getting to review the new Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner! There are 17 shades available from Mecca Beauty here -all with unique names – Intergalactic, Chaos, Dark Force, Retrograde and so on. I was lucky enough to score Bump (White) and Demolition (Dark Brown).

It’s all in the name really. These eyeliners use a very fine brush to give you exact precision and control. The product glides on easily, and dries quickly. (If you know liquid eyeliners, you know this is important so as not to get another line on your top lid if you blink!) I first used Bump for a day time look. I created a thick cat eye and teamed with black mascara and red lipstick. Razor Sharp Eyeliner, does indeed last all day. I was out in the summer sun and it was perfect – no smudging or fading at all. And simple to take off at the end of the day.

Demolition can be applied as a thin cat eye for the day, and then reapplied later to thicken up and become darker for night time. There was no smudgy eye residue when removed at night either.  You can also try using Demolition, and adding a line of Bump under the flick for a more intense look too. This is one of the best eyeliners I’ve tried, and I’m going to continue to use. At only $40.00 online and vegan, this is an excellent product – easy to use, easy to remove, and beautiful lightweight packaging. Magic.

Words by Pennie Black