Ten years I have waited. Ten. Years. Much anticipation, many Dollars, Pounds and Euros have been spent – all in the search for the perfect matte lipstick. Perfect in that it needed to:

  • Not be cakey, flaky, drying or ageing
  • Not give the ghastly ‘shrink wrapped’ effect
  • Not bleed into my lines

As recently as last year I’ve invested and again been disappointed, so you can imagine my excitement to try the new Lancome Matte Shaker ultra-pigmented matte liquid lipstick. I hold my had up and say with a mixture of pride and shame that I am a lipstick addict, it’s what I buy a lot of, often, and whilst living in the UK, even a lightning speed flit around Boots ended up with some combination of ‘3 for 2’. Please tell me I’m not alone here…

The Lancome Matte Shaker, however is unlike anything I’ve ever used before. The concept is genius – Ultra Thin Film technology inspired by the texture of foundation! How has this never happened before? The result is that the Matte Shaker liquid lipstick is twice as thin and intense as normal lipstick.

It feels very wet when applied, but the magic happens because the wetness evaporates, leaving only the pigments and polymers (at the risk of getting way too technical – a type of molecular structure with specifically organised bonds), equalling super long staying power.

I can confirm this as my very first test was an 8 mile hike, slathered in sunblock (the magnificent Lancome UV Expert Youth Shield) with mega bright hot pink lips – No. 379 Yummy Pink.

I obviously didn’t have a mirror but did sneakily check it on my phone camera a couple of times, and was staggered to find that it looked just a perfect at mile 3, 6, and when I got home after mile 8! And with no lip-liner! And no bleeding into my lines! What truly amazed me though, the first time I used this was the weightless feeling; like naked lips, the lips you were born with, so naked I kept thinking it had come off!

I’ve worn this almost every day for over a week now, and have experimented with it a few different ways; my favourite application besides intense hot pink all over, is the Ombre Effect: I sheered it out all over as a base, then tapped the nub in the centre and rubbed together. Very cool & very easy.

This review would not be complete without mentioning the nub – I LOVE the nub, it is as precise as a doe-foot applicator, but much more fun, and way cuter – who doesn’t love mini things right? I even love the word nub.

If you’ve been a bit intimidated by the matte lip, and haven’t yet tried it – this is your perfect opportunity, because it really is unlike anything you’ll have tried before; you can wear it very sheer, or amp it right up to full blown statement lips, which look wonderfully anti-aging on every woman, with the rest of the makeup simple and glowy.

The Lancome Matte Juicy Shakers come in seven shades, and retail for $45.00 each. These will be available from May 22nd 2017 at selected department stores, Farmers, and pharmacies.

Iona Eadie-Askew