I have quite a large collection of brow products in my possession, having pretty sparse brows, they need to be filled in and defined every time I do my makeup, with can be a bit tiresome. Powders don’t seem to have staying power and some pencils just aren’t waxy and smooth enough to gently mimic the brow hairs that one tries to achieve.

Enter Mellow Brow Definer Pencil from Mellow Cosmetics, this is my first foray into Mellow, so I was excited to try something from this very popular range. SUPER easy to use and hold, this pencil is housed in a plastic tube with a wind-up mechanism and the actual pencil is angled for easy use. You need to use a little pressure when applying the pencil, use feather-like strokes throughout the brow and then define the outer edge. Its very easy to get a decently-full looking brow going on and I was so happy with the end result.

The opposite end of the brush holds a brush to get your brows looking groomed and perfect. Brow Definer Pencil is just the right level of being waxy enough to avoid drag, but firm enough to get the shape and colour going on. There’s four shades to choose from – Taupe (my choice), Caramel, Mocha and Chocolate.

Mellow Cosmetics are vegan and designed locally in NZ. RRP NZ $24.00 and you can buy online here