Oily roots are a bit like oily skin, the more you wash it, the more it produces oil, making the battle for balanced, clean hair never ending and frustrating. The masters at L’Oreal Paris Elvive has come up with a solution to this with their new range  entitled Extraordinary Clay and using the buzz ingredient of 2017 – clay. Clay has been used for many many years as a medium to dry up excess oils and to draw impurities from the skin. Elvive has taken three clays to create this brilliantly-effective collection – Kaolinite which is a light, smooth, white clay excellent for absorbing oil, Montmorillonite, a blue clay rich in minerals with hydrating properties and Argilane, a green clay which absorbs water and is a natural cleanser.

There’s four products on offer in the Extraordinary Clay collection and I had a pleasure of playing with three. The Detox Purifying Clay Mask ($11.19) is a pre-shampoo treatment which is applied to the root area just five minutes before you plan to wash your hair. Massage it into dry roots and wait till it does it’s magic. Detox will absorb oils and impurities using it’s 30% clay formulation. This is a really lovely, light mask and rinses super quick (which is important for an extra step in the morning).

Next the Rebalancing Shampoo ($6.59) which has a really fresh fragrance and only a very small amount is needed to get a decent foam happening (important fact – there’s zero silicones used in this collection). Hair feels really clean after a session which this shampoo, follow it up with the Detox Conditioner ($6.59) which is light, yet very hydrating and again, easy to rinse. There’s no knots happening and the hair is really easy to comb through. The Extraordinary Clay collection also added a lot of totally unexpected (yet embraced) body to my hair as well, which was a total bonus! There is also a Refresh Root Lifting Dry Shampoo available for $11.19. For such an amazing price point, there is so much technology packed into these products. Fully recommend if you suffer from the oily roots, dry ends nightmare! On counter 1st May from leading supermarkets and The Warehouse.