Most of us that love manicures are aware that nail polishes and lacquers are pretty hard on the nails and dry them out beyond belief. The masters at L’Oreal have spent ten years researching and developing their first nail polish that boosts a blend of precious micro-oils. Rose, camellia seed, lotus flower and argan oils care for the nails like never before and offer amazing shine and an excellent colour pay off.

I selected 2 shades from the 20 to choose from (believe me it was hard!) No. 670, Cobalt Indecent a green-based teal and No. 672, Gris Decadent, a gun-metal grey. There’s a colour spectrum right through from pale pinks, to reds and oranges, to gold and blue. The brush and bottle are definitely worth talking about! The bottles are made from facet-cut glass with the true colour of each shade clearly shown. These bottles are meant to be seen and are very at home on display on my dressing table alongside my cushion compacts and perfumes. The brush is unlike any brush I’ve ever tried, it’s a fan-shape and shorter and fatter, the diamond-cut wand is designed to stop the dreaded polish drip, and lives up to it’s promise. The brush holds 440 bristles, is flat and a pleasure to use. I love these polishes and will be purchasing more in my favourite red and orange shades.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis À L’Huile is available in 20 shades for $11.99 each.