Essence of Humanity is a new New Zealand brand of skincare, with a difference. It’s built on kindness, giving back and supporting the poorest, at risk children in Africa. The brand’s ‘Kiswhili’ (the African word for human kindness) gives 100% of their surplus profit generated from sales back to these communities.

The brand was founded by two amazing ladies – Cassandra Treadwell has run charity, So They Can for the last decade, and has raised million of dollars helping women into their own micro-businesses in Africa and funding schools and clinics. Stacey Fraser is a name I know well, she’s the ex. star from Trilogy where she worked as a product formulator. The brand aims to make products with minimal impact on the planet whilst improving the lives of others.

Essence of Humanity launched four products on their brand launch and I received the Extraordinary Facial Oil for review. The first thing that struck me was the beautiful packaging – the oil is housed in a heavy, glass flacon in a wonderful minty-green. The glass dropper draws up the most lusciously-scented oil with a thicker viscosity than I’m used to in an oil. Its got such a nourishing and substantial feeling upon application as well.  Essence of Humanity have used Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and NZ Flaxseed Oil that together really nourish, hydrate and feed the skin with natural goodness. Mongongo and Kiwifruit Seed Oils guard against the sort of aging we face everyday, especially when working in a large city – environment protection against Free Radicals. There’s also stunning Violet, Raspberry, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Sandalwood Oils that work together to calm and make for a very happy skin, and add to the divine smell.

I’ve been using Extraordinary Facial Oil at night and in the daytime when my skin needs just that touch more of extra hydration and nourishment. This range is extremely easy on the pocket as well, with this oil retailing for $30.00 for 25 mls. Other products include the Softening Cream Cleanser, Nourishing Moisture Cream and Oneness Cream Balm.

Cassandra Treadwell says, “Having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects poverty has on children and their families, I was compelled to give these people a voice do something meaningful which will result in tangible change for these communities. We keep absolutely no profits, with every dollar of our surplus going to amazing projects that help alleviate poverty around the world and close to home.”

Stacey Fraser, who has worked with Trilogy Natural Products for many years says, “We’ve selected only the very best natural plant oils to create a range that nourishes the skin without impacting our planet. And better yet by purchasing an Essence of Humanity product people will be making a generous and valuable contribution to support a number of communities. It’s a beautiful blend of cultures.”

Essence of Humanity is available online here