Essie is my favourite brand of nail Lacquer for three reasons – the brilliant flat brush, the sheer volume of amazing colours and the staying power of the polishes and top coats. For Autumn I’ve been road-testing the Shimmer Top 2017 Collection which offers three Multi Dimensional Top Coats. Essie also sent me three existing Essie colours to match with these glittering top coats.

Wicked, a very dark red, almost bordering on black, its a striking, bold shade that’s definitely a bit Gothy. The In The Mood Ring Top Coat definitely adds a very different dimension to Wicked, with little flecks of black and golden glitter, that can be brushed over the entire nail or from the base fading out for an ombre effect.

Chinchilly is a wonderful mid gray, that’s warm and so easy to wear and complimentary to the skin tone, when many darker grays are not. This is a really classy grey, with a little hint of lilac on my pale skin tone. New Glow Your Own Way¬†Multi Dimension Top Coat takes it to an entirely different world. This golden bronze glitter takes you from gray to a party, festive grey.

Lastly Sugar Daddy, an Essie favourite is a pale, sweet, innocent pink takes on a disco vibe when topped with the amazing Disco Doll. It’s a blush-toned pink with a pink and silver glitter that takes your French Manicure from demure to disco in a heartbeat.

The Top Shimmer 2017 Collection is available now from selected Farmers for $22.99 a bottle.