Atzen are a wonderfully, active French company that launched into NZ last year. Every product that has crossed my desk has been amazing, so I was excited when their Cellulite Away Slim & Firm gel-cream arrived on my desk a few weeks out of my holiday to Brisbane which would mean getting into my togs!

I’ve always suffered from cellulite, even when I was at my thinnest, many people think that it targets anyone who is overweight, not true at all. Mostly its hereditary and when I was younger it used to bother me a lot, these days, not so much. However the chance to zap it away before some serious pool-time was very tempting.

Reading Atzen’s statistics, 85% of women suffer from cellulite and the brand has formulated a super-powerful product that rids you of existing cellulite and works on stopping future cellulite. The big issue for body creams for me is its got to have a light, almost undetectable feeling on my skin, any greasiness or heavy feeling and I’m straight off it. Thankfully Atzen’s formula is SO light and absorbs almost immediately and has a wonderfully cool feeling upon application.

Cellulite Away works to release the trapped fats under the skin, also working on detoxing and stimulating the area where applied. This cream claims to reduce fat cells in said area by 43% and they ain’t kidding! I feel like mine personally has been reduced by more than that. This cream also really hydrates the skin and feels so silky smooth afterwards due to the wonderful organic, avocado oil, aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, rosemary leaf oil and vitamin E.

As usual Atzen use some seriously-amazing active ingredients РTheophyllinesane-C Рthis is a topical slimming agent that works on that fat breakdown, Bodyfit slims, firms and prevents future cellulite and Slimbuster L is derived from green coffee seed oil which famously is often used in cellulite treatments; it prevents fat storage and the existing cellulite on the skin. You can apply Cellulite Away up to twice a day for maximum results.

Atzen Cellulite Away is available here for $91.00 for a 90 ml tube.