We all know that the traditional mud, charcoal or clay masques leaves us with the tough job of removing the product, leaving the face a little red, your face cloth dirty and the time spent getting every last bit off. Patchology (who I introduced you to here) who are all about maximum results, minimum time spent, have another ground-breaking masque – the Smartmud No Mess Mud Masque from their DETOX range.

This mud masque is in two parts shaped for the upper and lower parts of the face and is pressed on easily, with the sides of the masque smoothed down the contours of the jaw. The star ingredient is Mineral-Rich Volcanic Ash sourced from Jeju Island in South Korea – this ash is in the form of Bentonite Clay and is amazingly-effective when used on oily, acne skin or pores that are clogged. It also has hydrating properties so skin feels soft and happy post-masque, rather than tight and dried out.

There’s also Kaolin Clay that steps in to help clean out the pores, Activated Charcoal that acts as a magnet to oil and dirt, Glycerin hydrates and keeps water within the skin and Collagen that plumps and tightens.

Those genius’ at Patchology have used FlexMasqueTM Technology into the masque, making this masque the cleanest mud experience you will come across.

My skin was super-clean and happy after I used this masque, its quick too – just ten minutes with a gentle rinse of warm water. The redness I sometimes get in my cheek area was diminished and my pores were SO clean! Love it.

Patchology is available online here at Mecca Beauty and in store at Mecca Maxima in Wellington and Christchurch. The Smartmud Detox No Mess Mud Masque is available as a single sachet for $12.00 or a 4 pack box for $48.00 here