A good collection of decent lip balms over the autumn and winter seasons are essential for me, kept by the bed, on my day job desk, Mix It Up desk and in the lounge, on hand for a quick application! So many lip products use petroleum these days which feel hydrating but then have that telltale dry feeling on a very regular basis, ensuring that you keep having to apply them every ten minutes.

Not so with Weleda’s beautiful new range of natural Tinted Lip Balms. There’s three varietals to choose from – Berry Red, Rose and Nude. They are a really nice way to wear an extremely subtle colour on your lips (if you don’t favour lipstick in the daytime) as well as feeling good about the fact that your lips are really well looked after. These balms are super light and easy to apply without a mirror, they use vegetable and sunflower seed waxes, plus Jojoba and Olive Oil and Shea Butter. This combination of nourishing, natural ingredients really protects and will create a barrier against the cold, wind and air conditioning (which are all the skin’s worst enemies).

Tinted Lip Balms are vegan and smell absolutely divine using rose and vanilla to make applying them a luxe experience. Weleda’s Tinted Lip Balms are available now from ┬áselected health stores and pharmacies nationwide for $15.90 each.