Firstly, welcome to the beautiful French brand L’Occitane to Mix It Up, this will be my first review for the brand, which I’ve been a fan of for many years. A week or so ago, the brand released a new body care cream – the Almond Refining Concentrate. Sitting within L’Occitane’s divine Almond collection, which focuses on softening, toning and firming, this cream is seriously pure luxury to use.

Many rich body creams are sticky and just too rich for me personally, Almond Refining Concentrate is anything but. Scooping it out of the stunning, heavy (and very dressing table-worthy) glass jar, it feels like a creamy dessert on the fingers, and on first application on the skin. Refining Concentrate absorbs REALLY quickly and leaves skin the softest I’ve ever experienced. The almond fragrance is soft and classy, and never overpowering, which is a tough job to balance, as almond can be cloying and remind one of Nana’s Christmas Cake icing.

Refining Concentrate is designed to firm and tone the skin and can be used all over the body, where there’s areas of concern and cellulite, or just as a really luxe daily body cream. L’Occitane uses it’s famous Provence almond and almond oil blend, pure caffeine and almond proteins to really whip un-firm skin into shape fast.

I’ve been using the Refining Concentrate for about nearly a month now, wanting to give it a really decent go to firm up my arms (which is my test subject for this cream!). The results are pretty surprising. My forearms were starting to look a tad weathered and in need of seriously nourishment. Refining Concentrate has permanently given this area such a massive hydration hit, the skin now looks firm and way younger than it did a month ago. My upper arms, especially the underside, look like I’ve been lifting a few light weights, which I haven’t, the skin looks taut, hydrated and in way better condition than it was. The thing I really love about this cream is the luxe experience that you get, as well as the results, which makes it a really pleasure to use.

L’Occitane Almond Refining Concentrate is available now for $85.00 for a 200 ml glass jar. Purchase online here or in store at your local L’Occitane.