Makeup removal is all about the miracle of micellar water at the moment and Lancome have taken their famous (and award-winning) Bifacil Eye Makeup Remover formulation and given it a new twist for full face makeup cleansing. With the inclination of micellar water, Lancome have created BiFacil Visage, a bi-phase formula, the top part being oil and the bottom the micellar water. Shaken it immediately offers a double-whammy of seriously-effective makeup removal.

Applied to a cotton pad the oil literally melts away mascara and long-wear lipstick and foundation, the micellar water aspect comes along and works like a magnet drawing any other makeup, grime and impurities away. Unlike oil-based full makeup removal products, you are not left with oily residue on the face needing a second rinse or clean, the micellar water keeps things clean and refreshed, ready for your night skincare products immediately.

Great skin kept uber-clean is such a massive trend at the moment (and obviously something to keep up as a life-long good habit!) it means less makeup and a beautiful, fresh, glowing complexion which excellent makeup removal will help with.

Lancome BiFacil Visage $77.00 for 200 mls, on counter tomorrow June 19th.