On the back of the ‘no-makeup-but-wearing-makeup’ trend, comes MAC’s Next to Nothing Face Colour. The bottle looks like a foundation bottle, it applies like a foundation and sets and dries like one, but it has more of a BB or CC Cream-type finish and look, like your skin, but way better…its actually really hard to even see the product on the skin, it just looks like way younger and way better skin.

MAC call this a tinted cream; it has great hydrating qualities and feels quite balmy on the skin. They say its like your own skin, makeup-free, but popping an Instagram filter on it, which is a pretty apt description of this filter in a bottle. The brand has used opalescent microspheres that scatter light, thus softening imperfections and cast a very favorable light upon the skin.

I played around with different bases, primers, etc when road-testing Next to Nothing Face Colour, its quite a hydrating product, so me for me personally, I found that with my combination skin, no day cream was needed, I’m using this like a tinted foundation, using a primer underneath for a bit of an extra layer of coverage (Dermalogica’s Redness Relief or Skin Perfect) and then a light dusting of powder. Its a very light coverage that’s suited me for the weekends, but not for my working week in a corporate office, which I need something a bit heavier with holding power.

I think Next to Nothing Face Colour will appeal to 20-somethings with great skin, looking for a little colour with the added filter-type luminosity, if you have any major imperfections that you wish to cover, choose one of MAC’s medium to full coverage foundations (like Pro LongWear – my favourite).

Next to Nothing Face Colour is available now in Light pale ivory / Light Plus light beige / Medium warm beige Medium Plus light tan beige / Medium Dark caramel beige / Medium Deep rich golden tan / Dark deep caramel Dark Plus neutral tan beige / Dark Deep rich golden bronze RRP $64.00.