It’s been a veritable hive of activity at the Manuka Doctor labs, with the Apinourish range’s latest addition; the Rejuvenating Face Mask, now written in stone on my ‘desert island essentials’ list.

I did chuckle to myself when reading the information about this thick and creamy but at the same time light mask (I know! hard to imagine right?), because it said “weekly treat” – Not a chance! I’ve been slathering this on several times a week, first thing in the morning letting it bring my skin back to life over my cup of tea and social media fix.

The ingredients in this pot of magic are such that I now refer to it as my all-in-one, meaning it’s tackling all of those pesky signs which, if left unattended can, shock horror – give away our age! (typed in a hushed tone).

Manuka Doctor’s Purified Bee Venom is backed by over 10 years of research and development with countless clinical trials proving that their patented venom effectively works on cell regeneration as well as stimulating collagen synthesis i.e. making the mesh network which keeps our skin plump and firm, grow faster and stronger.

Science doesn’t lie, and studies have shown that Bee Propolis adds mega-strength antioxidants to the mix; think of them like microscopic Superheroes helping save your cells from the villainous free radicals which cause cellular havoc (aka rapid aging) wherever they go.

One of my favourite aspects of this mask is that it absorbs very quickly; I give it about 20 minutes, and the result is fabulous – my skin actually does look firmer especially (Hallelujah) around the jaw line and it feels plump. That’s the Hyaluronic Acid attracting and holding moisture, so what this all means for your skin is that you achieve a more even tone, and a wonderfully smooth and radiant complexion ready for lotions and potions, giving the perfect canvas to apply beautiful makeup.

Renowned International Dermatologist Dr Sunil Chopra said there was “convincing laboratory data to support bee venom’s effectiveness in anti-aging, and particularly the repair of damaged cells”. That’s good enough for me, and the bee venom is harvested using ethical bee friendly methods, which I believe is really important and it’s not heavily fragranced (zero smell on my skin), and is amazing bang for your buck. I kid you not – I’ve used masks almost requiring a mortgage payment which haven’t performed as well as this one.

The pot is a generous 50ml although at the rate I’ve come to rely on it, it’s rapidly diminishing! As with all Manuka Doctor products, this shouldn’t be used by anyone allergic to bee stings. Manuka Doctor products are available online or at the Manuka Doctor Concept store, Auckland as well as selected pharmacies and department stores nationwide.

Rejuvenating Mask 50ml $69.95

Iona Eadie-Askew