Lancome’s brand new (out Monday the 19th of June) Miel-en-Mousse is unlike any cleanser I’ve used before, it has the consistency of honey – like actual honey, gooey and sticky and smells incredible…plus the obvious result you want, extremely effective makeup removal. Miel-en-Mousse smells incredible due to a unique blend of acacia honey suspended in a micellar water base. I like to spread a couple of pumps onto a dry face, massaging gently and then adding water, this is when the micellar magic steps in. The honey-like consistency transforms into a mousse-like foam and lifts makeup, grime and sweat up and away from the pores and rinses away easily. Skin is left sooooo soft and nourished afterwards, this cleanser turns a boring face wash into something really sensory and enjoyable.

I did follow up with a cotton pad soaked in toner or micellar water afterwards to see if if there was any makeup left over and there wasn’t, so no need for a second clean.

There are a few other interesting ingredients in Miel-en-Mousse that are definitely worth a mention – the sacred lotus flower provides vitamin B and C, minerals and antioxidants, plus sebum-reducing qualities, balancing oiler skins, plus vitamin A to heal and reduce inflammation. French Rose calms irritated skins, also helping heal broken capillaries and salicylic acid which going to clear out pores very effectively and is extremely beneficial for acne.

This 200 ml pump bottle is also really economical, only a very small amount is needed to give the face a really decent clean. Miel-en-Mousse is on counter tomorrow for $77.00.